Cirprotec, lightning and surge protection

We help companies and manufacturers protect their facilities, electrical equipment and people, thanks to our standard and customised nationally manufactured solutions.

Protect everything you care about: people, goods and equipment

Cirprotec products are manufactured in Spain and are certified and accredited through independent organisations such as Dekra, Underwriters Laboratories, Bureau Veritas and ENAC. In addition to complying with the most demanding standards (UL, IEC, EN, UNE-EN, NFC...), safety is guaranteed with high quality standards in the production process.

Save costs: Prevent damage and financial loss

Extend the useful life
of your electronic equipment

Promote sustainability
and energy efficiency

Ensure continuity
of service

Are your facilities really protected against lightning and surge?

The free online nimbus® project designer software allows you to design your lightning rod installation. For whatever degree of complexity and extension of the installation, it automatically calculates the location and optimal number of lightning rods, without failing to protect any area (except exclusion zones). Attach the complete report to the project specification.

For the discharge of transient overvoltages, it must be taken into account that without an earth there is no protection. Strengthen the security of protection with SAFEGROUND®, the world-patented SPD that informs you about the status of the installation:

  • Confirm that your own wiring is correct.
  • Make sure there is a suitable earth path for the discharge.
  • Safety information in the event of indirect contacts.

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