Power Line SPDs with Grounding monitor - DIN RAIL - IEC TYPE 2 w/GM

SAFEGROUND is the series of DIN rail devices type 2 for monitoring the grounding system from within the actual surge protection device.


  • Based on the loop impedance monitoring sending current pulses in order to check the status of the grounding system. This provides information about the proper wiring of the device, as well as about the existence of an adequate path to ground for the SPD itself to protect effectively.
  • SAFEGROUND: Confirms the device is properly installed. / Reports how effective the surge protection is. / Provides safety information in the event of indirect contact.Indication of the status of the earth loop via multi-state LEDs.
  • Available for grounding systems TT, TNS and TNC-S. Single-phase and three-phase.
  • High discharge capacity with an 8/20 μs waveform. Imax: 40 kA.
  • For nominal voltage 120V y 230V.

Standards and certifications

  • EN 61643-11
  • EN 61557-3
  • EN 61010:1
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  • Water treatment

    Water treatment

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