Surge protection for photovoltaic installations

Photovoltaic installations are exposed to atmospheric phenomena and the associated overvoltages. According to industry research, it is estimated that approximately 80% of inverter failures are related to overvoltages. Furthermore, almost 100% of service interruptions originate from atmospheric phenomena such as lightning strikes or overvoltages.

This data highlights the importance of implementing adequate protection measures to preserve the continuity of service and the ROI of photovoltaic energy projects, whether residential, commercial, industrial or solar farms.

In addition to protecting the inverter, effective protection provides...

Safety of people and electrical equipment

Minimises the risk of damage to people and systems.

Continuity of service and return on investment (ROI)

It guarantees the expected ROI by minimising the risk of damage, service interruptions and financial losses.

Maintenance cost savings

Prevents premature wear and/or destruction of equipment.

Energy efficiency and consumption

Maximises performance and energy production.

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