E-Mobility Overvoltage Protection Devices - EV SPD+POP+Autorecloser

EV-CHECK REC is the range of combined transient and power frequency overvoltage protection devices (SPD+POP), with automatic recloser (MCB included). Type 2+3 / Class II+III, 15 kA (8/20 μs) surges, 2 pole (P+N) and 4 pole (3P+N), for 230 V with POP test button.


  • With EV-CHECK REC the installation is protected against transient voltage spikes and against permanent voltage increases. Typically, the former are associated with the phenomenon of lightning and the latter with the wrong connection / break of the neutral of the three-phase installation.
  • Ideal for electric vehicle protection panels in compliance with infinite impedance (perfect fit for scheme 2 of the ITC-BT-52). Thanks to its automatic reset, the equipment will automatically reconnect when the input voltage is restored within the established voltage range (whether it has been cut off by permanent overvoltage or by counter cutoff).

Standards and certifications

  • EN 50550
  • UNE 50550
  • IEC 63052
  • EN 61643-11
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