Power Frequency Overvoltage Protection Devices - SPD+POP incl. MCB

V-CHECK MPT mini is the range of combined transient and power frequency overvoltage protection devices (SPD+POP), compact, pre-wired, including MCB, Type 2 / Class II, 15 kA (8/20 μs) surges, 2 pole (P+N) and 4 pole (3P+N), for 230 V with POP test button.


  • With V-CHECK MPT mini the installation is protected against transient voltage spikes as well as voltage increases which last for an indefinite period. Typically, the first are associated with the phenomenon of lightning and the second with bad connections or faulty neutral in 3-phase installation.
  • Select the model taking into account the rated current of the MCB circuit breaker compatible with each installation. Models from 10 A to 63 A.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Compact solution, ideal for protection panels inside homes and common service panels with few space. Indicated for refurbishments.

Standards and certifications

  • EN 50550
  • UNE 50550
  • IEC 63052
  • EN 61643-11
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  • Building


  • Industry


  • Photovoltaic and BESS

    Photovoltaic and BESS

  • Telecom


  • Water treatment

    Water treatment

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