Since its establishment over 25 years ago, Cirprotec’s high-voltage laboratory has been a global benchmark in lightning and overvoltage protection. Its current generator (200kA wave 10/350 µs) and voltage generator (1200kV 1.2/50 µs) allow for the testing and validation of new products.

Integrated within the company’s extensive global network of laboratories, it is a key element for the development of our products, a fundamental piece for Cirprotec’s success and sustained growth.

The existence of this laboratory has allowed Cirprotec to stay at the forefront of the industry by guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of its products. Thanks to its ability to perform rigorous and exhaustive tests, the company offers electrical protection solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

One of the main benefits of this laboratory is its ability to quickly adapt to market demands and the specific needs of customers. his has allowed Cirprotec to develop customized and flexible solutions that address the unique challenges of each project, greatly contributing to its reputation as a trusted provider in the sector.

The continuous operation and improvement of this laboratory reinforce Cirprotec’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. By continuing to invest in infrastructure and technical resources, the company positions itself to maintain its leadership in electrical overvoltage protection and continue offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.