Protection of charging facilities for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle charging installations are exposed to transient and permanent overvoltages. These installations fundamentally require continuity of service in order to keep the car always charged. Furthermore, they can be found in various locations, with charging points in urban points being the most exposed to voltage overvoltages.

The vulnerability of the charger’s electronics to overvoltages has required the specification of its protection on a mandatory basis, in the case of Spain under the ITC-BT-52 published in the REBT.

We protect electric mobility for a more sustainable future

Installation and electric vehicle safety

Minimises the risk of damage to both the charging installation and the electric vehicle.

Continuity of charging

Guarantees the energy supply and avoids possible failures in the charging infrastructure.

Maintenance cost savings

Prevents premature wear and destruction of equipment, reduces repair and replacement costs, and optimises the useful life of the charging infrastructure.

Energy efficiency and consumption

Maximises performance and optimises the charging process, promoting sustainability in electric mobility.

Why protect an electric vehicle charging installation against overvoltages?

Overvoltages can have an impact on the useful life of the chargers, leading to a premature end of life. There are chargers that can implement their own protection for their electronics, but in many cases this will be insufficient against overvoltages, in addition to being located with very difficult access, making replacement impossible if it reaches the end of its life.

The cost of replacing an EV charger is high, but it is also important to understand that the overvoltage can leave us without charging continuity, leaving our EV without any available charging source.

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