We are excited and full of gratitude as we celebrate Cirprotec’s 30th anniversary. This milestone marks three decades of dedication, innovation and continuous growth: from our humble beginnings to becoming the undisputed brand leader in solutions for lightning and overvoltages in Spain.

A journey marked by innovation:

From day one, we have been committed to providing electrical protection solutions that not only meet, but exceed, expectations. Our journey has been driven by a passion for innovation, and today we are proud to say that we continue to lead the way with our Surge Protection Devices and Lightning Arrester products.

A lasting commitment to quality:

Our philosophy has always been to guarantee electrical safety at all times. Each Cirprotec product carries with it the essence of our dedication to quality, rigorous certifications and the support of a team committed to excellence.

Meaningful connections with our clients:

Over these 30 years, we have had the privilege of establishing solid and lasting relationships with our clients. Your trust and support have been instrumental in our continued success. We are proud to be part of your stories and contribute to the safety of your electrical installations.

Let’s celebrate together:

This anniversary is not only a reminder of our past, but also a call to look to the future. We will remain committed to excellence, innovation and exceptional service for the next 30 years and beyond.

We thank everyone who has been part of our journey, from the founders and members of the Cirprotec family to our loyal customers. Let’s celebrate 30 years of achievements, learning and joint success! Thank you for making Cirprotec the benchmark brand!