Down conductor system

Masts for lightning rods

Assure an appropriate coverage of the lightning rod by adding height.

Mast anchorages

Anchorages for wall or roof, for subjection of lightning rod masts.

Trestle towers

Trestle tower with guy wires included, for the elevation of the lightning rod.

Free standing pylons

Pylons with concrete foundation, to rise the lightning rod over the ground level.

Clamps for down conductor Sys

Clamp to fix the down conductor.


To fix the down conductor along its trajectory and avoid any movement.

Down conductors

Parts to arrest lightning current from air terminal to earth/ground.

Connecting sleeves

To disconnect the grounding system and measure the resistance.

Protection pipes

To avoid mechanical shocks on the down conductor.

Spark gaps

Spark gap for equipotential bonding of the down conductor system.

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