Protection of outdoor LED lighting installations

LED outdoor lighting installations are exposed to overvoltages and atmospheric discharges. Effective protection prevents breakdowns and ensures the safety of people and equipment, as well as continuity of service and return on investment.

Components sensitive to these conditions require protection to prevent damage and costly replacement. Keeping LED lighting in constant operation is crucial for safety in public spaces and interurban roads.

Effective protection, safe lighting

Safety of people and electrical equipment

Ensures the safety of public facilities and the people around them.

Service continuity and return on investment

It guarantees lighting and prevents possible failures in public infrastructure.

Maintenance cost savings

Prevents premature wear and destruction of equipment, thus reducing replacement costs.

Why protect an LED outdoor lighting installation against overvoltages?

The design of effective overvoltage protection for an outdoor LED lighting installation involves stepped protection.

As a first stage of protection, a robust protector (40 kA) must be placed in the lighting panel, which discharges the maximum possible energy, leaving a residual voltage that will be reduced in the following stages of protection. Cirprotec offers a protector which combines protection against transient (SPD) and permanent (POP) overvoltages.

The second and/or third stage of protection must be placed as close as possible to the luminaire, increasing the robustness (10 kV) and with a very low residual voltage.

What may be needed for our installation?

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