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Free online tool for the comprehensive design of lightning protection installations

Calculation and complete design of lightning protection, quickly and automatically

Our innovative software, nimbus® project designer, allows you to carry out unlimited designs of the lightning protection system in a guided way for maximum safety and cost-effectiveness. You will be able to access your projects in the cloud at any time to have all your information always updated.

  • Risk analysis assistant: It facilitates risk calculation, provide protection measures and applies the level of protection.
  • Preparation of quotations in an agile way.
  • Drawing Import: Quickly delineate the installation.
  • Bills of Materials: Interactive queries of your resources and a wide portfolio of accessories and materials.
  • nimbus® optimiser: a compromise between precision, speed and total cost.

Automatic lightning rod calculation

Our unique algorithm allows the optimal location of nimbus® lightning rods and grounding to optimize costs.

Import drawings for faster speed

Easily define areas of protection on your drawings with simple drawing tools.

Protection in accordance with current regulations

Risk analysis of the level of protection in accordance with NFC 17-102:2011, UNE 21186:2018 and CTE SU08

Technical documentation automatically

It provides you with a complete document for the specification of the project and creates lists with all the necessary accessories.

Design your lightning protection projects step by step in an assisted way

Protección con nimbus® Project Designer

Design your lightning protection projects step by step in an assisted way

nimbus Project Designer Logo all in one platform
nimbus Project Designer all in one platform
  1. Name the project and define its geographic location.
  2. Indicate the regulatory framework and technical characteristics of the facility.
  3. Fill in the property detail of your customer’s facility in order to issue a customized report.
  4. Import the floor plan and/or draw the perimeter of the installation and set the scale.
  5. Draw and define the structures to be protected: height and materials.
  6. Select or calculate the level of protection using the risk calculation assitant.
  7. Automatically calculate the lightning rod placing or defines it manually.
  8. Configure the accessories of each lightning rod and its earthing.
  9. nimbus® details the global list of lightning rods and accessories necessary for the protection of the installation, as well as a list for each lightning rod.
  10. Download the project report in PDF format and the project material data sheets, ready to send to the client.

Start your project

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To import a drawing select the tool “import image as background drawing” (located in the upper bar). Supported import formats include pdf, jpeg, png…

You can use Google Earth ( to get a satellite image and use it as a reference image. ​

Once the reference drawing is uploaded, define its scale.

Import drawing into nimbus Project Designer

Once the drawing has been imported and the scale has been configured, you can identify the areas and structures to be protected. To do this, use the drawing tool “create new area”, define the structures to be protected and indicate the height of each of them. If the surroundings of the structures in an installation need protecting, draw the areas with a height = 0 m to identify the perimeter to be protected.

(An area with height h=0 m is represented in blue and structures with h>0 m are represented in green).

Define perimeter in nimbus Project Designer

The proposed protection solution is based on a lightning rod optimization calculation performed by the nimbus® project designer algorithm.

This calculation is based on determining the minimum number of lightning rods and the minimum size required, in order to completely cover the different perimeters and structures of the project. The main criterion is the number of lightning rods, weighted in turn following economic optimization and ease of installation criteria.

The result of this calculation is indicative and may not be fully accurate due to its complexity and the limited calculation time. ​

Watch video on:

To assign the protection level to an area or structure, you must first select it by placing the cursor on it, after which an “Assign protection level” menu will be displayed on the left.

The assignment can be done manually:

Assisted Level Assignment in nimbus Project Designer

Or using the protection level calculation assistant (only applicable to structures, height > 0m):

Manual Level Assignment in nimbus Project Designer

The bill of materials includes all the accessories, distributed by Cirprotec S.L.U., required for the installation of the lightning rods for the project. This list takes into account the percentage margin of error defined at the beginning of the process.

It can be broken down into:

  • Overall list: Specifies all the material in quantities and references required to execute the complete installation project.
  • List per lightning rod: Used to help define the installation to be implemented. Using the ID of each lightning rod, the required material for its installation is specified including the ground connection.

Check out our nimbus® lightning rod catalogue.

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