We present EGARA, the new generation of Surge Protection Devices (SPD) from the Cirprotec brand, which takes into account the challenges of electrical protection and safety in Photovoltaic Energy (PV), Energy Storage (BESS), Electric Vehicles ( EV), Public lighting (LED), Smart meters in Residential, commercial and industrial buildings. This innovative solution, developed 100% in our laboratories, is ready to face the challenges of the energy transition and stand out in the most demanding applications and regulations.

What distinguishes EGARA is its innovative, worldwide patented design, backed by certifications that guarantee its effectiveness and performance. These devices not only comply with international standards, but also contribute to guaranteeing maximum electrical safety as well as return on investments and continuity of service.

EGARA is more than a technological advance; It is a symbol of commitment to sustainability and quality. It is completely made in Spain and under criteria of respect for the environment. This device fuses cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices, consolidating Cirprotec’s position as brand leading in electrical protection.

In the renewable energy scenario, EGARA is presented as an unmatched option that combines innovation, safety and sustainability. Cirprotec continues to be a pioneer in the development of advanced solutions, and with EGARA, it demonstrates its constant updating and development to provide quality electrical protection.

EGARA, the new security standard for the energy tomorrow!

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