Power Line SPDs - DIN RAIL - IEC TYPE 1+2

EGARA 1 LF with Leakage Current Free is a range of devices Type 1+2/Class I+II which are designed to protect electrical installations from lightning strikes (10/350 μs) and induced voltage surges (8/20 μs). Ideal for protection upstream of smart-meters (no losses).


  • Suitable to be used as the first level of protection in the main switchboard. Additionally, they can be used in areas with high atmospheric exposure where external protection against direct lightning strikes are already provided.
  • Multi-certified range: IEC cert (KEMA KEUR & ENEC) & UL Type 4CA cert
  • Lightning impulse current (10/350 μs): 12.5 kA per phase
  • Nominal discharge current (8/20 μs): 20 kA per phase
  • TT, TNC, TNS and isolated IT earthing systems. Uc 230V ideally for 277/480 V networks.
  • Visual and remote end of life indication.
  • Short-circuit current rating 25kA.
  • No back-up fuse up to 315A.
  • Reinforced plug-in DIN rail format.
  • New easy ergonomic extraction.
  • LCF Leakage current free T1+2 (no electrial loses).
  • Distributed PE & Equipotential EBB.
  • Shock withstand and vibration-proof: Remote microswitch and DIN-rail anchorage.
  • Advanced traceability and in-line automated quality controls of 100% of the SPDs.

Standards and certifications

  • IEC/EN 61643-11
  • UL 1449 5th Edition
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  • ce.svg
  • rohs.svg
  • dekra.svg
  • enec.svg
  • ukca.svg
  • ul.svg
  • weee.svg


  • Building


  • E-Mobility - EV charging

    E-Mobility - EV charging

  • Industry


  • Photovoltaic and BESS

    Photovoltaic and BESS

  • Telecom


  • Water treatment

    Water treatment

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