Continuous ground monitor

The grounding system is of vital importance in installations. A ground in proper condition ensures that the protection against voltage surges and earth leakages will both work properly.


A grounding system in proper conditions (PE)

Theresistance of the grounding is one of the most important parameters of the entire installation.

 Grounding systems prevent contact voltages in solid metal from exceeding those permissible for people by allowing voltage leakage, and ensures correct and safe discharge of currents caused by voltage surges.

An electrical installation should be in optimal conditions to ensure safety. In case of grounding failure, the ground system installation helps protect people and equipment from harm and damage.

Having proper grounding and checking it regularly is very important. A ground in proper conditions avoids risk of death for people and destruction of property. A ground in proper conditions ensures protection against voltage surges.

A grounding system monitorchecks the grounding installation status in real timeand triggers a warning system if the installation is defective or deteriorated.

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