Overcheck MT

Overcheck MT is a range of programmable, motorized devices, comprising a monitoring unit and a circuit breaker (autorecloser) that disconnects the supply when the values of voltage, current or earth leakage exceed predefined thresholds. These devices are automatically reclosed when the values return to within the allowable limits.

  • Overvoltage and undervoltage protection (POP).
  • Phase sequence fault protection.
  • Overload and short-circuit protection.
  • Class A earth leakage protection (optional).
  • The pre-wired plug and play autorecloser, compact and installable in DIN rail, allows for quick and easy connection.
  • This smart autorecloser provides maximum continuity of service and is ideal for 24x7 installations with remote locations.
  • Has a memory with an error log, as well as remote operation (remote reset function) and remote indication.
  • 6 to 63 A circuit breakers, single phase (P+N) and 3-phase (4P), for 120 V and 230 V. Consult us for other configurations.
  • Know more about this range:
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In (IGA)

In (IGA)

With earth leakage protection

Phase sequence fault

No. DIN rail modules

Overcheck 4ND/120 - MT6 4P 6 [A] 6 [A] 11 See
Overcheck 4ND/230 - MT6 4P 6 [A] 6 [A] 11 See
Overcheck 4N/120 - MT6 4P 6 [A] 6 [A] 11 See
Overcheck 4N/230 - MT6 4P 6 [A] 6 [A] 11 See