DIN-ADSL is the series of devices for discharging transient overvoltages induced in ADSL telephone lines, within the DIN-T range. In accordance with IEC 61643-21. DIN rail monobloc format.

  • Suitable for the protection of communications equipment connected to ADSL lines. By their nature, they are highly exposed induced transient overvoltages (surges) with meteorological activity.
  • Protection of a telephone pair.
  • Discharge capacity with an 8/20 μs waveform: 10 kA.
  • The DIN-T range also provides models for the protection of PP lines.
Calculating ...


Imax (L1/L2-PE)

Un (L1/L2-PE)

Uc (L1/L2-PE)

Up (L1/L2-PE)

In (L1/L2-PE)

No. protected pairs

DIN-ADSL 10 [kA] 50 [V] 180 [V] ≤ 200 [V] 5 [kA] 1 See