DM1 is the range of surge protection devices (Type 3 / Class III) for very fine protection of sensitive equipment, in accordance with IEC 61643-11. Complete with a built-in EMI filter. DIN rail monobloc format.

  • Suitable as the final stage of protection in panels that have Type 2 surge protection devices installed upstream, in installations with electromagnetic interference which might interrupt, degrade of limit system performance. The residual voltage of these devices is lower (finer protection) than that of Type 1 or 2 protectors. They should be installed as close as possible to the equipment being protected.
  • Series connection for applications up to 8 A rated current.
  • With electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter.
  • Combined voltage pulse with 1.2/50 μs waveform. Uoc: 6 kV.
  • Singel-phase networks.
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No. DIN rail modules

EMI filter

DM1-230 230 / - [V] ≤ 1,0 [kV] 5 [kA] 3 See