Surge protection

Why protect?

Electrical and electronic equipment is indispensable in the daily activities of today's businesses and individuals. Such devices are connected to the electricity grid, often exchanging data and signals through communication lines and are usually sensitive to disturbances. These interconnecting networks provide a propagation path for overvoltages.

Protection against lightning and overvoltages not only ensures the safety of people, goods and equipment, but also ensures continuity of installation services and meet criteria of energy efficiency. Overvoltage protection extends the life of the equipment by more than 20%, which significantly reduces the volume of electronic waste. It also reduces the power consumption of the installations, all of which translates into cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Standards committees and power generation companies, both in Spain and the rest of the world, have standardised the use of overvoltage protectors by adopting overvoltage standards and even mandatory private technical specifications.

Cirprotec, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of lightning and surge protection, has developed this new catalogue in order to facilitate the selection of the best protector for every need and application, based on features and technical parameters such as:

  • Type of line to be protected: electrical supply, telephone line, data line, radio frequency.
  • Type of overvoltage: transient and/or permanent overvoltages (TOV).
  • Discharge capacity of transient overvoltages.
  • Standard: IEC 61643 and UL 1449 3rd Ed.
  • Protector format: (monoblock, plug-in, DIN rail, NEMA, Schucko, etc.).
  • Type of communications/data connector.


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