V-CHECK 4RC is the range of combined transient and power frequency overvoltage protection devices (SPD+POP), intended for actuation on the contactor of an installation (contactor not included), Type 2 / Class II, 40 kA (8/20 μs) surges, 4 pole (3P+N), for 230 V with test button for POP.

  • With V-CHECK 4RC the installation is protected against transient voltage spikes as well as voltage increases which last for an indefinite period. Typically, the first are associated with the phenomenon of lightning and the second with bad connections or faulty neutral in 3-phase installations.
  • High surge discharge capacity.
  • When it acts on the contactor (not supplied) the resulting system will provide automatic reclosure capability
  • Ideal for street light systems
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Un (L-N)

Imax (L-N)

Up (L-N)

No. DIN rail modules

V-CHECK 4RC 230 [V] 40 [kA] ≤ 1,8 [kV] 4 See
V-CHECK 4RC IR 230 [V] 40 [kA] ≤ 1,8 [kV] 4 See