• SAFEGROUND ® - No earth, no protection

    Monitoring the grounding system in the surge protection device itself.
    (8 pages)


    Discover the first continuous grounding system monitor in DIN rail format, which will alert you in the event of accidental ground disconnection, installation damage and theft of equipment!
    (12 pag)

  • CDR-401

    Discover the new generation of lightning strike counters.
    Now even easier to install, thanks to the CLIP-ON system. Maximum performance and reliability.
    (3 pag)

  • Overvoltage and Surge Protection

    We help you select from the wide range of lightning and surge and overvoltage protection devices. Complete with technical data tables, selection guides and theorical concepts.
    (44 pag)

  • CPS block & CPS nano

    CPS block & CPS nano is the new range of devices for surge protection (transient suppressor), in accordance with UL 1449 3rd Ed and IEC 61643-11. Discover the new prewired devices with NEMA type enclosure, with replaceable modules or in a hardwired compact format.
    (19 pag)