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Data sheet

Protector against transient overvoltages, type 1+2, 100 kA and one-pole (neutral).

Technical Data   Value Units
Commercial data
Code   77738718  
Part Number   CSC1-30N  
Status   Available  
EAN   8435297832119  
Tariff code (HS)   8536.30.90  
Product height   90 [mm]
Product width   36 [mm]
Product length   70 [mm]
Product weight   140 [gr]
General data
Internal configuration   N  
No. poles   1  
No. DIN rail modules   2  
Installation   (N-PE)  
Format   Monobloc  
Network configuration   TT  
Certifications   CE  
Designation according to EN 61643-11   Type 1+2  
Designation according to IEC 61643-11   Class I+II  
Insulating material & flammability class   PC+GF; V-0  
Enclosure   IP 20  
Temperature range   -40 ºC ... +80 ºC  
Technical features
Supply voltage   N  
Nominal voltage AC 50-60 Hz (L-N) Un (L-N) Neutro / Neutral [V]
Maximum continuous operating voltage (N-PE) Uc (N-PE) 275 [V]
Lightning impulse current (10/350) (N-PE) Iimp (N-PE) 30 [kA]
Maximum discharge current (8/20) (N-PE) Imax (N-PE) 100 [kA]
Nominal discharge current (8/20) (N-PE) In (N-PE) 65 [kA]
Nominal discharge current (8/20) In 65 [kA]
Voltage protection level (N-PE) at In Up (N-PE) ≤ 1,5 [kV]
Short circuit withstand Isccr 25 [kA]
Response time (N-PE) tA (N-PE) 100 [ns]
Following current (N-PE) Ifi 100 [A]
Remote indication   No