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Data sheet

5 kg. bag of mineral salts.

Technical Data   Value Units
Commercial data
Code   77938300  
Part Number   SALES MINERALES 5 KG  
Status   Available  
EAN   8435297812517  
Tariff code (HS)   8535.40.00  
Product weight   5500 [gr]
Technical features
Material   Mineral salts  
Chemical composition of the activating compound % in weight
Calcium sulphate   10 [%]
Sodium bentonite   10 [%]
Pitch coke   80 [%]
Information about the sodium bentonite component
Chemical name   Hidrosilicato de Aluminio (Montmorillonita)  
Chemical formula   Si2AlO5(OH) en estado puro  
Nº CAS   1302-78-9  
Type of chemical product   Mineral  
Risk contribution components   Ninguno  
Information about the pitch coke component
Chemical name   Coque de Brea  
Nº CAS   64743-05-01  
Nº EINECS   2652109-EE  
Chemical product   Carbon Fijo 99%  
Risk contribution components   Ninguno  
Information about the calcium sulphate component
Chemical formula   CaSO4·2H2O  
Nº CAS   13397-24-5  
Nº RTECS   MG2360000  
Molecular weight   136 [g/mol]
Chemical name   Sulfato cálcico