NFC 17-102:2011

June 2013

The new version of the Early Streamer Emission product standard for electronic lightning rods introduces major changes in terms of product testing procedures.

The NFC 17-102:2011 established a coexistence period of 1 year between the 2011 edition and the previous one from 1995. Therefore, since September 2012 the latter one is no longer in force.


New product testing requirements:

  • Early streamer emission (ESE): the early emission time is now measured taking a common reference rod for all manufacturers, i.e., this rod becomes a universal reference for comparison regardless of the shape of the lightning rod.
  • Electrical: ESE lightning rods need to withstand 3 consecutive current impulses  of 100 kA in 10/350 wave form.
  • Mechanical: dimensions and materials are standardized
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): ESE lightning rods using electronic elements to provide early streaming must meet demanding EMC standards in terms of both immunity and emission
  • Environmental: new sulphur atmosphere and saline mist tests have been introduced

New risk assessment system, based on the EN 62305 standard.