Innovation award

    Cirprotec has collected an innovation award for SAFEGROUND®, the revolutionary solution in the field of surge protection. This is a world first which is now being introduced into the Spanish local market.

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    UL certification of PSM PV

    Cirprotec renews UL listing for its range of PV PSM protective devices.

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Company news

  • Merry Christmas! …for the 25th time

    The Cirprotec team, on the company’s 25th anniversary, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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  • Happy and charitable holidays!

    Cirprotec wishes you ... happy and charitable holidays!

    For 3 years now we have been collaborating with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in order to help eradicate poverty in India.

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    Hannover Messe 2015

    Cirprotec will be presenting its full range of Lightning and Surge Protection devices during the upcoming edition of the Middle East Electricity Show (2-4 March 2015).

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Product news


    Continuous ground monitor

    The grounding system is of vital importance in installations. A ground in proper condition ensures that the protection against voltage surges and earth leakages will both work properly.

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    The best protection formula


    Protection against lightning, surges and overvoltages not only ensures the safety of people, goods and equipment, but also ensures continuity of installation services and meet criteria of energy efficiency.

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    Nimbus® better than the standard

    Nimbus® is the next generation of Cirprotec’s ESE Early Streamer Emission lightning air terminals.

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Technical news


    NFC 17-102:2011

    The new version of the Early Streamer Emission product standard for electronic lightning rods introduces major changes in terms of product testing procedures.

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  • Protegemos ALMA

    Protecting the largest

    Cirprotec has collaborated on the engineering project for lightning protection of the ALMA observatory installations, the largest astronomical observatory in the world.

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