PS-PCB is the series of socket bases that allow for integration of Cirprotec's pluggable IEC and UL surge protection cartridges (Type 2 / Class II) directly on printed circuit boards. Those socket bases are suitable for all kind applications and any network configuration. Integration of surge protection on PCBs is often planned for at an early stage of development of the system.

  • Optimal solution for the industry of power electronics: inverters, converters, control panels for railway, PV combiner boxes, machines, OEM equipment, etc.
  • Single pole socket for all networks configurations: TNS, TT, TNC, IT, "Y"PV and MPPTs
  • Optimal voltage protection, up to 1500 Vdc and 850 Vac
  • Télésignalisation et indication optique de l'état de vie du protecteur.
  • Cost and space saving
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Maximum Supply Voltage

Signalisation à distance

PS-PCB-N IR Neutral Voir
PS-PCB-1000PV IR 530 Vdc Voir
PS-PCB-1500PV IR 750 Vdc Voir
PS-PCB-230V IR 275 Vac Voir
PS-PCB-400V IR 440 Vac Voir
PS-PCB-690V IR 750 Vac Voir