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Grounding system and insulation monitoring

Go to devices for continuous monitoring of the installation grounding system. These make it possible to detect the following possible incidents, both within the installation itself and in the transformer centre to which it is connected:
- Deterioration of the ground connection due to aging of the earth rods , theft of the cables or increasing soil resistivity in dry seasons.
- Breakage or bad connection of the neutral wire.

Grounding system monitors

Monitoring the status of the grounding system of an installation in real time. With an alarm system.
Go to devices for continuous monitoring of the insulation resistance, connected between the live conductors and ground in:
- Isolated single and 3-phase AC networks with alternating current (IT) up to 440 V.
- Isolated photovoltaic (PV) networks with direct current of 600 V and 1,000 V.
- charging systems for electric vehicles (EV).

Insulation monitoring devices

Insulation monitoring devices in IT, PV, EV networks. With an alarm system.