UL certification of PSM PV

Cirprotec renews UL listing for its range of PV PSM protective devices.


Outdoor LED lighting

Over 80% of the installed public lighting panels and more than 500.000 outdoor LED luminaires are insufficiently protected!


nimbus® R lightning rod

ESE lightning rod with remote test technology using the universal R-Tester


Alliance with MERSEN

On February 12th 2014,Cirprotec has entered into a new Strategic Alliance with Mersen Electrical Power.


Cirprotec wishes you ... happy & charitable holidays!

Once again we are helping the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, helping supply basic food to the most needy groups of people.

Want to know the project?

Overcheck: Autorecloser

A smart programmable LV autorecloser with event logging, which provides earth leakage, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and phase sequence fault protection.


Nimbus® better than the standard

Nimbus® is the next generation of Cirprotec’s ESE Early Streamer Emission lightning air terminals.