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Data sheet

Series transient surge protector, for ETHERNET CAT6 lines, in aerial format and 4 protected pairs.POE.

Technical Data   Value Units
Commercial data
Code   77811931  
Part Number   NETPRO 1P POE (CAT. 6)  
Status   Available  
EAN   8435297827962  
Tariff code (HS)   8536.30.10  
Packaging height   80 [mm]
Packaging width   45 [mm]
Packaging length   105 [mm]
Packaging weight   145 [gr]
Packaging unit   1  
Product height   44 [mm]
Product width   82 [mm]
Product length   30 [mm]
Product weight   128 [gr]
General data
Format   Aerial  
Certifications   CE  
Housing color   Green  
Enclosure   IP 20  
Temperature range   -40 ºC ... +60 ºC  
Technical features
Designation according to EN 61643-21   Type C1  
Designation according to IEC 61643-21   Class C1  
No. protected pairs   4  
For protection of networks   POE  
Product standards   IEC 61643-21  
Nominal voltage AC 50-60 Hz (L1/L2-PE) Un (L1/L2-PE) 5 (señal / signal) ; 48 (alimentación / power) [V]
Nominal voltage (signal) (Pairs Rx,Tx) Un (Rx, Tx) 5 [V]
Rated Insolation (power) (Pairs V+,V-) Un (V+,V-) 48 [V]
Maximum continuous operating voltage (Rx,Tx) Uc (Rx,Tx) 6 [V]
Maximum continuous operating voltage (V+,V-) Uc (V+,V-) 55 [V]
Nominal discharge current (8/20) (L1/L2-PE) In (L1/L2-PE) 0,25 (L-L/signal); 10 (GND-PE/power) [kA]
Nominal discharge current (Rx,Tx) In (Rx,Tx) 250 [A]
Voltage protection level (L1-L2-PE) at In Up (L1/L2-PE) ≤ 130 (L-L/signal) 35 (L-L/power) [V]
Voltage protection level ( ) at InV+,V- Up (V+,V-) ≤ 130 [V]
Voltage protection level (Rx,Tx) at In Up (Rx,Tx) ≤ 35 [V]
Bandwidth fg 250 [MHz]
Category   Cat. 6  
Input connector   RJ45 (Female)  
Output connector   RJ45 (Female)  
Nominal current AC 50-60 Hz IN 1 [A]
Connection   Series