DIN V-3A is a range of surge protection devices (Type 3 / Class III) for very fine protection of sensitive equipment, in accordance with IEC 61643-11. DIN rail monobloc format.

  • Suitable as the final stage of protection in panels that have Type 2 surge protection devices installed upstream. The residual voltage of these devices is lower (finer protection) than that of Type 1 or 2 protectors. They should be installed as close as possible to the equipment being protected.
  • Series connection, internal multistage protection for applications up to 3 A nominal current.
  • Especially suitable for protection of 24 V or 12 V power supplies, for installation in the secondary of the power supply (AC/DC).
  • They occupy a single module, ideal for limited spaces.
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Network configuration

No. poles

DIN 12V-3A - / 12 [V] ≤ 0,045 [kV] 10 [kV] TNS (2P) 2 See
DIN 24V-3A - / 24 [V] ≤ 0,045 [kV] 10 [kV] TNS (2P) 2 See