Step by step protection

The destructive capacity of lightning makes it necessary to assess the need for protection, and possibly to install a system for effective protection.


In the field of lightning protection, using either ESE lightning rods or classical Faradisation systems, the following principle standards are used:

  • NFC 17-102 and similar ESE standards: "Protection of structures and open areas against lightning by lightning rods with early emission device".  ESE product standard, which has been adapted in many countries under national designations in similar terms. For example: UNE 21186 in Spain. Coexists with IEC 62305.
  •  IEC 62305: “Protection against lightning”. European and international standard.


In each country, the current regulatory framework defines the need for protection and sets out the steps to follow for designing a system which guarantees protection against lightning:

  • Evaluate the need for lightning protection: The need for protection of a facility is established starting from the evaluation of the degree of safety required and associated risk factors. Whenever the expected strike frequency (Ne) is greater than the permissible risk (Na), protection must be installed.
     Evaluate the need for lightning protection
  • Design the lightning protection system (equipment needed): The standards define an effective lightning protection system as a set of equipment and devices to capture (never to attract) lightning and conduct it safely to ground. 
    Design the lightning protection system
  • Choose the capture device (technology):Various types of lightning protection systems are available, which may be more or less appropriate depending on the construction features of the facility to be protected, the overall installation costs, etc.
    • Lightning rod protection with ESE Early Streamer Emission technology: Standards: NFC 17-102 and similar ESE standards. Suitable for any installation type and open areas, where it optimises the material and installation cost while ensuring proper safety.
    • Protection by Faradisation: Standards: IEC 62305. Cirprotec has products available for building protection solutions in accordance with these standards. 


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