June 2016
CP-FO- tecnologia_SG

SAFEGROUND® is the premium solution for the most demanding installations, monitoring the grounding system using patented Cirprotec technology

Patented Cirprotec technology

SAFEGROUND® is based on continuous monitoring technology using the impedance loop technology already patented, sold and implemented by Cirprotec in thousands of protection solutions worldwide.

The added factor in this technological development (patent pending), is the incorporation of this technology into the confined space of a surge protector, providing added value to the device, and taking advantage of the positive synergy between the grounding system and the protectors.

SAFEGROUND is not intended as a resistance meter, but rather helps provide relevant information about the surge protection device and potentially about the installation.

Impedance loop method

The loop impedance method is a system for checking the entire grounding system by acting physically not on the earth rods, but solely on the low voltage supply.

Sending pulses and measuring the voltage response makes it possible to measure the impedance of the path, which usually includes the grounding system and wiring and the return path through the transformer coil.

SG scheme