Nimbus® 10 year warranty program

10 year warranty

CIRPROTEC, SL extends the warranty of the nimbus® lightning rods up to 10 years.

What to do?

The buyer of a nimbus® lightning rod may apply for an extended warranty by registering the product and maintaining it according to the general specification of the warranty program.

The purchase of a lightning rod does not imply in any way that the buyer will benefit from the extended warranty.

What models are covered?

Models of the nimbus® range included in the program are:

- nimbus® 15 code (77901115)
- nimbus® 30 code (77901130)
- nimbus® 45 code (77901145)
- nimbus® 60 code (77901160)

To apply for an extension of your warranty it is necessary to register your lightning rod.

What does it cover?

The “NIMBUS® 10 YEAR WARRANTY” program that Cirprotec offers consists on the replacement of the nimbus® lightning rod in case it presents irreparable failure during the first 10 years from its purchase; provided that you follow the general conditions specified in the “NIMBUS® 10 YEAR WARRANTY” program.

To see the general conditions of the “NIMBUS® 10 YEAR WARRANTY” program click here.



Terrassa, October 2013

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