Product news

  • 1402-CPT-FO-NOTICIAS-G-CHECK3 February 2014

    Continuous ground monitor

    The grounding system is of vital importance in installations. A ground in proper condition ensures that the protection against voltage surges and earth leakages will both work properly.

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  • 1306-CPT-FO-NOTICIAS-FORMULA June 2013

    The best protection formula


    Protection against lightning, surges and overvoltages not only ensures the safety of people, goods and equipment, but also ensures continuity of installation services and meet criteria of energy efficiency.

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  • 1305-CPT-NEWS-NIMBUS May 2013

    Nimbus® better than the standard

    Nimbus® is the next generation of Cirprotec’s ESE Early Streamer Emission lightning air terminals.

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  • 1305-CPT-NEWS-CDR April 2013

    New Lightning discharge counter

    Discover the CDR-401, the new generation of Cirportec counters.

    With "clip-on" installation around flat tape and cable conductors.

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  • Overcheck: nuestra reconectadora inteligente February 2013

    Overcheck: Autorecloser

    A smart programmable LV autorecloser with event logging, which provides earth leakage, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and phase sequence fault protection.

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