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Once again we are helping the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, helping supply basic food to the most needy groups of people.

Improving the living conditions for the world's poorest people is one of our priorities. Once again we are helping the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. This time we are taking part in the top priority food programme, helping supply basic food to the most needy groups of people.


Would you like to know the outcome of our 2014 Solidarity Project?

Like every year, we have during 2013 engaged in a collaboration project with Fundación Vicente Ferrer (FVF) providing 53 bicycles to teenagers living in remote villages in India. This facilitates access to secondary education, especially to girls from the area of NARPALA, region of B.K. SAMUDRAM (India) during the school year 2013-2014.

Due to the fact that there is a lack of adequate transport, many families decide that their sons and daughters stay home instead of going to secondary school. The main reason is that the families fear that something might happen to them on the way to school. Also, families often choose that their daughters stay home in order for them to help with the housework, to take care of younger siblings, to bring water and to cook during the harvest season, while the parents work.

The bicycle distribution project aims to contribute in order to reduce the existing dropout between children from families with low incomes, who live in the region of B.K. SAMUDRAM.



For more information about this and other Fundación Vicente Ferrer projects click here