nimbus R

nimbus®R is the series of new generation ESE lightning rods with remote test using the universal R-Tester control (accessory), with wide range of RF communication in open areas (1000 m). Radius of protection up to 100 m (based on emission times of 15 μs, 30 μs, 45 μs and 60 μs). Complies with standards NF C 17-102:2011, UNE 21186:2011, CTE SU 8.

  • ESE electronic technology, unlike passive Faradization systems with air terminals, makes active use of atmospheric gradient to generate ionization in order to increase the height of the lightning impact point above the tip of the rod, thus increasing the volume protected. This facilitates the protection of large areas, simplifying and reducing material and installation costs.
  • Lightning protection systems - including lightning rods - are subject to periodic maintenance, the frequency of which depends on regulatory issues, the criticality of the facilities, and their location/exposure. The nimbus® R range simplifies this process by incorporating remote verification technology. This way one can check its operation, with the help of a remote control called R-Tester, without physically accessing the lightning rod.
  • Features and Benefits:
    - Remote test using the universal R-Tester control (accessory).
    - Highest Quality: AISI 316 stainless steel and non-expendable components.
    - Tested and certified by independent laboratories.
    - Bureau Veritas Certification.
    - Easy installation (and transport) thanks to its new design.
    - Off-the grid. It requires no external power as it includes a PV module and a high capacity battery.
  • To ensure the proper functioning of a lightning rod with this technology, demand ESE rods with Bureau Veritas quality certificate and a test certificate in accordance with NF C 17-102:2011 and UNE 21186:2011, from a laboratory accredited by a regulatory body (e.g. ENAC-Spain, COFRAC-France). Verification of its authenticity using a laser-marked QR.
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Early streamer emission time

D = 20 m

D = 30 m

D = 45 m

nimbus R 15 15 [ μs] 32 [m] 37 [m] 45 [m] See
nimbus R 30 30 [ μs] 48 [m] 55 [m] 63 [m] See
nimbus R 45 45 [ μs] 63 [m] 71 [m] 81 [m] See
nimbus R 60 60 [ μs] 79 [m] 86 [m] 97 [m] See
R-TESTER             See