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Nimbus® 10 year warranty program

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The default manufacturer warranty of 2 years provided by Cirprotec, S.L. will be extended to 10 years the warranty for nimbus 15 (77901115), nimbus 30 (77901130); nimbus 45 (77901145) and nimbus 60 (77901160) lightning rods which have been correctly registered at .

Nimbus® rods are assigned a serial number, which is linked to the year of manufacture. This extension will be applicable provided that the rods were manufactured later than 31/07/2013 (not inclusive) and the product has been used and installed in accordance with the specifications of Cirprotec, S.L. and the existing regulatory framework.

Installations must be maintained at least annually, according to standards NF C 17-102:2011 or UNE 21186:2011.

The responsibility of Cirprotec, S.L. is limited to repairing or replacing the product (at the sole discretion of Cirprotec, S.L.) when in our judgement it has not been misused or manipulated by any person not authorized by the manufacturer, nor exposed to levels of energy or transients exceeding the specifications provided by Cirprotec, S.L. for the product.

The product must be installed and properly grounded according to the manufacturer's instructions and specifications and to all local electrical and safety regulations. Both the manufacturer and the purchaser are aware that the product by its nature may be subject to ageing as the result of a large number of discharges experienced in normal use and this warranty excludes this gradual or unexpected element.

The warranty does not indemnify the purchaser of the product for claims for damages due to loss of business, services or profit.

CIRPROTEC, S.L. does not offer the warranty stipulated herein for accessories, parts or components that are not manufactured by CIRPROTEC, S.L., with the understanding that these fall under the warranty of their respective manufacturers.

The warranty offered is exclusive. No individual or entity is authorized to modify, add or create a warranty or obligation outside of that set forth herein.

To obtain warranty service, prior to making any claim, the customer must contact Cirprotec, S.L. within 30 days of the date of detection of the defect.


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